Bridge through green hills
Bridge through green hills


Macquarie Asset Management

Macquarie Asset Management is a global asset manager that aims to deliver positive impact for everyone.

Trusted by institutions, pension funds, governments, and individuals to manage more than $A735.5 billion1 in assets globally, we provide access to specialist investment expertise across a range of capabilities including fixed income, equities, multi-asset solutions, private credit, infrastructure, renewables, natural assets, real estate, and transportation finance. 


infrastructure and real assets used by ~100+ million people each day


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A leader in alternative asset management worldwide, specialising in infrastructure and renewables, real estate, agriculture and natural assets, asset finance and private credit via public and private funds, co-investments, partnerships and separately managed accounts.

Offering securities investment management capabilities across a number of asset classes including equities, fixed income and multi-asset solutions across a variety of equity, fixed income, multi-asset, and specialty asset classes. In the US, retail investors recognise Delaware Funds® by Macquarie as one of the longest standing mutual fund families, with Public Investments tracing its roots back to an investment management firm established in 1929.

Our ideas and skills in action

Decarbonising the UK’s energy networks 

With more than one third of emissions in the UK originating from the provision of heat to homes and businesses, it is essential that energy networks play a leading role in decarbonising the economy.

Annual General Meeting 2021: Macquarie Asset Management 

As one of the world’s leading alternative asset managers, we are the custodians of vital businesses that impact people’s daily lives. We have a responsibility to create stronger, more sustainable investments.

Our 2020 Sustainability Report explores our sustainability efforts across our infrastructure, renewables, agriculture and real estate portfolio. The report examines the successes and challenges we have encountered as we integrate sustainability throughout our business.

  1. As at 30 September 2021.
  2. Based on AUM. IPE Real Assets (July/August 2021).
  3. As at 30 September 2021. Simfund Fund Family AUM (excludes passive/index funds).